LaserTattoo Removal

QS Nd:YAG Laser

The QS Nd:YAG is the perfect machine for removing tattoo’s e ectively and without any scarring or discolouration of the area. Light is radiated at a specific wavelength of high peak, ultra short nanosecond energy pulses. This light penetrates the tissue and is absorbed by the pigment resulting in an instantaneous blast. The particles of pigment are shattered into fragments, parts of them will be bounced out of the skin while the rest is split into tiny particles that are engulfed by phagocytes and eliminated via the lymphatic system.

It is only possible to remove one layer of ink at a time so a course of 4-10 treatments is required for complete removal. Other factors such as the age of the tattoo and the type of ink used also a ects the number of treatments required.

QS stands for Quick-Switch and means the laser can be switched from 1064nm to 532nm by a simple lens change. The 1064nm wavelength is ideal for black, blue and purple while the 532nm lens is used for lighter colours like red, pink and orange. The QS is a true tattoo removal laser.



Before 1st treatment


After one treatment





Why is a tattoo studio doing tattoo removal?

We decided to start doing tattoo removal mainly for making it easier to do cover ups.

As the artists, we know how light we need to make it to get a good result in the cover up tattoo.

We are not going to get you coming back ten times doing minimal removal, we would prefer to get

the job done so we can move on to the process of doing your new tattoo!


Does it hurt?

Well yes, most would say that it is more painful than the original tattoo, but pain is a subjective

thing and really varies as does the pain people associate with getting a tattoo!

We can cool the area before and after to help with the pain. You can use numbing cream if desired.

The process is super quick so the pain doesnt have to last too long!


How many sessions will i need?

This really varies due to the colour of the ink, brand of ink, depth of ink and age of tattoo and of course

everyone has different skin.

For lightening to do a cover up approx 1-2 sessions

For complete removal approx 4-7 sessions usually


How long does it take to heal?

Healing is another variable, but usually the area would look mostly healed in approx 10 days time.

Time between sessions is 4-6 weeks to allow full healing and reduce any chance of scaring.


Are your technicians trained?

Yes, our technicians have had training by Fleming Institute, leaders of Laser an IPL

training in australia.